Get the best looking and sounding snare ever for your own arsenal. Take a look at snares that we have made for drummers around the world.

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Drum Kit

Kyre Drums deliver everything you would dream of into reality. We provide the freedom to choose your own materials, sizes, finish, and sound. That's what custom is all about.

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Kyre Cajon is all you need to get great acoustic percussion sound.

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Below we present a small fraction of what we have made for our friends.

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Vintage Ballon

Retro Hotel

Colorful Wall

The Time

Relax Space

Classic Motorbikes

What They Say About Kyre

Kyre Drums are literally the best drums I ever played! They deliver the sound and look that I need to get that personal touch! Best drum ever!

Joe Elliott

USD - B On It

When I received this kit, I simply thought: it is a work of art. When I play it, I know I have found what I was looking for, originality, warmth and power. When the others heard the sound, they asked me: "Where did you find it?" With my better smile I said: "It is a Kyre!".

Hubert Colau

France - Tania Maria

Handy Salim

Indonesia - Independent

Adri Prakarsa

Adri Indonesia - Nidji

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